The Almost
Basic Company

Expressing the true values of a brand to connect with the customer

The Almost Basic Co.

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What happened?

With the clarity gained from the brand strategy sessions, the whole company's offerings were restructured so they would align correctly with their vision and accurately serve the ideal customers.

1.0 Discovery Phase

Finding the brands core

The fundamental basis for the beginning of this project was a series of brand discovery meetings to further understand the beliefs and values of The ABC, guided sessions where we unearthed what their philosophy really represented. Creating a foundation to conceptually build the brand and extend its meaning to connect with their offering and their ideal customer.

the goodyear agency the almost basic company story boardthe goodyear agency the almost basic company story board

Humanizing the company

Developing a design studio of this nature heavily relies on the creative leaders behind it. In this particular case, their founder represented such figure. Ultimately any brand is deeply connected to the beliefs of their founder. So humanizing the company with a real face was very important.

At it’s core the founder embodies these values and generates a connection with like minded customers that believe in the same things. And around this not only can they do business together but they create community that furthers their common cause.

the goodyear agency the almost basic company value list

2.0 Implementation Phase

Bringing the
concept to life

Drawing connections between the insights gathered during the discovery phase, we developed a brand identity aligned with the core values of The ABC. We used Interior design materials as a starting point, to connect with their team and speak their language in an environment that was familiar to them.

This way we organically created guiding esthetic principles close to their essence, gracefully blending with the other layers of communication established for them. This helped to create a clear pathway in designing their logo and general brand identity elements.

the goodyear agency the almost basic company moodboard

Applying the core values to communication

As a central part of the communications designed for The ABC we created  “The Almost Basic Manifesto” branding various deliverables under one cohesive message from which the overall narrative was built.

The owners wanted to state clearly who they were and what they stand for, from the very first interaction.

The welcome package, the design process and the overall experience needed to be cohesive to those core values, and that’s why it’s so important to be straight forward and true as a brand from the very beginning.

the goodyear agency the almost basic company manifesto

3.0 Validation Phase

Creating alignment with the offering

As a part of the process of rebranding, they restructured their offering and together we established marketable categories that were specially designed to cater to their ideal customers, properly targeting them and beyond that offering a service that provided real value to those distinct individuals, initiating an honest dialogue between company and audience.

the goodyear agency the almost basic company service list

Completing the user experience

Branded Collateral and Work Documents allowed consistency throughout all touch-points, maintaining a seamless  and cohesive communication, this elevated the experience, creating an elegant interaction with the customer.

the goodyear agency the almost basic company service presentation

Translating the
Eco-consciousness to web

The website is where it all comes together, in this case one of the most important touchpoint of all.
More than a portfolio page, we created a useful communication tool with designed opportunities to interact with the customer, strategically catering to their needs through the sites sections and further deepening the brand experience.

the goodyear agency the almost basic company ipad mobile website version
the goodyear agency the almost basic company website
Angie Ricart Founder of The Almost Basic Company talking about her experience working with The Goodyear Agencythe goodyear agency the almost basic company angie ricart

"The guys at The Goodyear Agency helped me understand my company from the core and create a brand that represents what I really want to be and how I want my business to develop."

Angie Ricart

The Almos Basic Company

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