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Lily McCloud

Empowering women to defy beauty standards and express individuality freely.

LMC - Hair Room

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Lily McCloud, a hairstylist with over a decade establishing her company, sought to redefine her career by aligning her brand with her values. While excelling in various hair treatment services, she realized her brand was limited to her traditional offerings. Seeking to transcend these constraints, she reached out to create a brand rooted in her values and aspirations, empowering self-expression and deeper connections.


Working hand in hand with Lily we defined a new vision that would allow for flexibility and scalablility.

We managed to project Lily McCloud as a brand that provides a place for the everyday woman who reinvents herself and connects to become the person she wants to be.

Beyond exalting beauty, a space of empathy and feminine community.We also design the necessary tools to position and promote the brand from a broader professional platform, aligned to its new business objectives.

Redefining the values and structuring services based on them allowed the brand to connect more deeply with its customers, developing a bond that reinforces its concept of community.

The new commercial structure allowed the brand to grow and develop a marketing strategy that attracted new users with aligned values.
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What we did

We developed a brand that brings together a new offer of services with a clear sense of community, aligning the marketing efforts and redefining the physical space within the new concept.

1.0 Discovery Phase

Finding the brands core

The brand’s core concept is based on the belief that all people have an innate potential waiting to be fulfilled. Women in particular find in self care a window to empower themselves and develop a better version of who they are.

LMC gives space to a community of women who prioritize wellness. Challenging beauty standards and boosting their confidence so they can express their individuality.

Keeping in mind the new objectives and the long-term projection of the brand, the three main business focus areas were defined in the studio: the physical space in-person service, the online platform: online courses and client management system. And the locations: particular situations in which the LMC professionals travel outside the studio for events or productions.

Diagram of Lily McClouds Offer Structure, Created by The Goodyear Agency

2.0 Implementation Phase

the Identity

Creating Lily McCloud's visual identity has been a purpose-driven journey. We meticulously crafted a brand that reflects her values and aspirations.

This brand extends beyond hairstyling; it's a holistic experience, blending aesthetics and empathy that resonates not only through her studio's physical space but also in the digital realm. The result is a visually appealing identity that deeply connects with her audience, fostering community and shared values.

Lily McCloud's Brand Guidelines Flat Lay
Lily McCloud's logo Lily McClouds Color Palette and analogous Color Scheme  represented by the LMC Logo
A sample of LMC's offerings, represented by unique key visuals

3.0 Validation Phase

Online presence

We established LMC's online presence, encompassing a social media debut and a promotional website.

Master Class

LMC's philosophy, rooted in 'beauty and empathy,' thrives on sharing knowledge with hairstylists seeking to enhance their skills. A standout initiative was the creation of a master class, offering comprehensive training under the founder's expert guidance within the studio's unique environment.

Hair Room

Integral to the brand's identity is the seamless integration of the physical environment, ensuring alignment not only in communications but also in the experiential dimension.

Preparing the mood

As part of the LMC experience, we crafted a curated playlist that encapsulates 'Sé más tú cada día' ('Be more yourself every day'), immersing you in the tranquil and empowering realm of self-care and energy transformation.

All about the experience

Visiting LMC is an experience of body and soul. From the moment you enter the studio you are warmly welcomed and pampered to enjoy your experience to the fullest.

Personalized robes give you more comfort and  the signature totes have become an essential to take home a little bit of LMC.

Angie Ricart Founder of The Almost Basic Company talking about her experience working with The Goodyear AgencyLily McCloud's Testimonial combing the hair of a beautiful black haired model

"It has been truly transformative. They've brought my vision to life, from crafting a brand rooted in 'beauty and empathy' to designing an enchanting studio experience."

Lily Mccloud

LMC Hair Room

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