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Nuuva Foods.

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Creative Direction
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Brand Identity
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Packaging Design
What happened?

The Nuuva Chocolatier brand was built from the ground up, establishing a new vision and core beliefs from which they could grow on its own, with its own story and voice.

1.0 Discovery Phase

Positioning and Core Values

Long before the design process began, we worked on establishing a true purpose from which to start building a solid brand foundation.

The people that are behind the company are its most valuable asset, so truly understanding Nuuva’s passion for chocolate was crucial for developing their vision. Clarity on that vision allowed us to then build value around it and construct upon how that value could be unique. This process allowed them to focus on what  they could offer beyond the product.

User Personas and customer journeys

Once we understand a brand’s core, we can understand who we will be serving, who the customer will be.

Together, we worked on understanding the anatomy of the Nuuva community, and how that community could grow beyond the product. Analyzing their tribe and how they could better serve them, helped us shape their offer and with that, their communications, guiding them towards something not only unique but relevant to their customer.

2.0 Implementation Phase

Generating an Identity

The assets we designed for them were drawn from the insights of this process, aligning vision to product making it able to create relevant aesthetics and intentional communications.

All the knowledge that we acquire through our Discovery Sessions informed a full on exploration of the universe of the brand that was presented and later developed into final actionable assets like logotypes, color palette, photography style.

Giving the brand a voice

The insights gathered not only informed how they looked but what they would say. A clear representation of their values in the form of voice and tone further deepened the identity and guided the how narrative could be shaped over time.

3.0 Validation Phase

Packaging Design

A complete packaging system was designed to encompass a variety of presentations and flavors. This was accompanied with an in-store display and unboxing experience for website purchases.

The importance of this process was allowing nuuva to have a system upon which to adapt, grow and expand their product offering without losing brand consistency.

"Together we were able to define what our company is. our values and vision… we are very happy with the results and appreciate their hard work."

Tomas polito

Nuuva Foods

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