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Macarena Parnakian, a seasoned architect and jewelry designer, presented us with a creative challenge. With over a decade of experience and a passion for crafting exceptional artistic pieces, Macarena was in the midst of evolving as an artist. However, her portfolio lacked a unified identity to link her diverse creations, or as she aptly referred to them "experimental objects." Despite having a clear vision, she faced difficulty expressing it through her brand, limiting her ability to effectively showcase and organize her evolving artworks. Our task was straightforward: create a brand that would provide a cohesive and authentic home for her artistic pursuits while remaining true to her values.


The outcome of our collaboration was transformative. We helped clarify her artistic vision, develop a comprehensive strategy centered around well-defined goals, establish a structured framework for categorizing her concepts into collections, and undertook naming work to create the perfect name for the project. Additionally, we provided her with a flexible identity that could adapt to her ever-evolving concepts.

This newfound organization allowed Macarena to streamline her promotional efforts effectively. Moreover, our efforts included creating an online presence, enabling her to showcase her work to a broader audience, further elevating her brand’s visibility and impact.
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What we did

We cultivated an organic identity that artfully harnessed Relikian’s unique concepts, seamlessly weaving together their ever-evolving artistry, and harmoniously enhancing their digital and real-world presence.

1.0 Discovery Phase

Finding the brands core

In crafting Relikian’s brand strategy, we delved into the concept of Aesthetic Consciousness, a philosophy that lies at the heart of the brand’s identity.

At its core, Aesthetic Consciousness celebrates the unique essence of each piece, encouraging us to appreciate the intrinsic qualities of an object without the need to measure it against others or label it by its properties. This philosophy not only guides Relikian but also defines its vibrant community.

Building on this philosophy and the goal of empowering identity and self-expression, we embarked on the journey of crafting a versatile visual identity. This identity was designed to evolve seamlessly into various collections while retaining its core essence.

Lily McCloud's Brand Guidelines Flat Lay

2.0 Implementation Phase


We breathed life into a vivid visual identity and brand ecosystem, a captivating realm of visual storytelling that explored photography styles, tones, and ranges. This extended the brand’s visual lexicon, enabling it to communicate its essence across diverse contexts and needs.

This visual language was integrated into the development of a social media presence, which seamlessly extended from the core visual identity. Furthermore, it played a central role in the creation of their launch marketing landing page. This page served as Rekilian's inaugural platform to introduce itself, present its unique offerings, and initiate a prelaunch sale for its featured items.

3.0 Validation Phase


We aimed to merge Relikian's brand essence with its art pieces. The sensation of receiving a Relikian mirrors the brand itself, creating a profound connection to its significance. Owning a piece is an invitation to be a part of something meaningful, meticulously crafted by an artist. Every detail is a thoughtful consideration, allowing you to make it your own while being a part of a larger, purposeful universe.

The Pop-Up

The pop-up store epitomized Relikian's fusion of art and nature. We conceptualized a sensory journey, where visitors connected with the tactile essence the artistry and embraced the beauty of raw, organic forms.

In this unique store, we would encouraged visitors to touch, feel, and immerse themselves in the art pieces. Transcending the traditional retail experience; it would be moment of connection and appreciation.

Integral to the brand's identity is the seamless integration of the physical environment, ensuring alignment not only in communications but also in the experiential dimension.

Angie Ricart Founder of The Almost Basic Company talking about her experience working with The Goodyear AgencyLily McCloud's Testimonial combing the hair of a beautiful black haired model

"Our partnership with The Goodyear Agency has been nothing short of extraordinary. They've masterfully transformed my creative vision into a brand that authentically resonates with the core of Relikian"

Maca Parnakian

Relikian Objects

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